Oral Sedation Options at Beacon Family Dentistry

Dr. Lysandro Tapnio of Beacon Family Dentistry of Jacksonville offers a light level of oral sedation for patients who are anxious about dentistry, and a moderate level of oral sedation for patients who want to be completely relaxed when they undergo complex or surgical dental procedures such as multiple restorative procedures in one session, wisdom tooth extraction, dental implant placement, bone grafting, or gum grafting. Valium or Halcion (a stronger sedative) can be prescribed and taken prior to the appointment. When sedated, patients are able to comply with instructions from the Dr. Tapnio and his dental assistant. but they are fully relaxed and often have no memory of their treatment. Following treatment, there will be a period of recovery in our dental office, while the sedative wears off. Patients who choose to be sedated will need a driver to take them home.

Oral sedation not only removes anxiety but also greatly reduces the gag reflex some patients experience. When combined with local dental anesthetics, patients feel no pain. If you are anxious about your upcoming appointment, speak to us about your concern. We want you to be comfortable and not fear the treatments you need and desire.

Please contact us today if you are seeking an anti-anxiety family dentist in Jacksonville, FL, who provides the full range of dental procedures in our one office—including dental implant placement and related surgical procedures. New patients are always welcome and made to feel at home.

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