Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry for Minimal Discomfort Soft Tissue Surgery

Jacksonville Dentist Dr. Lysandro Tapnio uses advanced technology to provide you with more accurate and comfortable care. Our dental lasers are among the most beneficial tools. With laser dentistry, Dr. Tapnio can perform a wide range of soft tissue treatments, including cosmetic gum contouring. In addition to improving the look of your smile, Dr. Tapnio can remove excess tissue to enhance your oral health. For instance, he can expose portions of your teeth that have decay below the gum line. In each case, the tool will target extremely precise areas of tissue. It will also seal off your gums, so you will have little downtime, if any, following your procedure. To learn more about the benefits and applications of our dental lasers, contact our office today.

Soft Tissue Lasers to Improve Your Oral Health and Smile

Dr. Tapnio can use our dental lasers to enhance your overall health and restore damaged teeth. Laser soft tissue procedures are less painful than traditional surgery. Despite this, you will be numbed to eliminate pain. Our various laser procedures include:

  • Frenectotmies: A frenum is a small flap of tissue. You have frena under your tongue, between your two front teeth, and on either side of your gums. These flaps do not serve a health purpose, but if they are too large, they can impact your appearance and oral function. For example, a large frena between your two front teeth can give you a gapped smile. Excess tissue under your tongue can cause speech impediments (making you “tongue tied”). During a frenectomy, Dr. Tapnio will remove excess tissue with one of our lasers.
  • Gingivectomies: Gum disease results when bacterial pockets develop in your gums. We offer conservative periodontics for moderate gum disease. If your condition is more advanced, you may require a gingivectomy. Dr. Tapnio will use our laser to remove the diseased tissue, eradicating bacteria and preventing further damage.
  • Crown lengthening: If you have a cavity or other damage below your gum line, Dr. Tapnio may not be able to access your tooth and place a restoration. In many cases, however, he can remove overlying tissue, preventing the need for extraction.
  • Complex orthodontics: If your child is preparing for braces, Dr. Tapnio may need to expose the teeth that have not yet grown in. This step will make room for the tooth so that it will not become impacted later on. It will also preserve the results of your orthodontic care.
  • Treatment for oral sores: Our laser can treat chronic cold or canker sores, reducing discomfort and eliminating the virus that caused them in the first place.
  • Cosmetic Gum Contouring: Laser gum contouring is a common procedure to address a “gummy smile.” Your gums and teeth work in harmony to give you a beautiful, proportionate grin. If you have excess gum tissue, it can cover up your teeth, making your smile look worn or unusually small. With laser gum contouring, Dr. Tapnio can expose more of your teeth for a bigger, brighter smile. In addition, he can use this treatment to correct an uneven gum line, trimming away tiny amounts of tissue for a smooth edge.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Modern dental lasers offer several advantages over older dental tools. The benefits of these devices include:

  • Precision: The laser can target even very tiny areas of tissue. Thanks to this extreme accuracy, Dr. Tapnio can provide personalized care and stunning results.
  • Faster healing: The laser beam will seal your blood vessels on contact. After your procedure, you will typically experience very little swelling, inflammation, or bleeding.
  • Convenience: Because of the quicker recovery time and the reduced impact to your gum tissue, you will enjoy complete dental function, usually within a few days of your procedure.
  • Negligible risks: When it comes in contact with your gums, the high energy of the laser will destroy bacteria. In addition, the tool will not actually touch your mouth. Therefore, there is very little risk of contamination or post-surgical infection.

Experience the Difference for Yourself

To learn more about laser dentistry and how it can improve your care, contact Dr. Tapnio’s office today.

For a textbook definition on laser dentistry, read this article.

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