BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers

Jacksonville Dentist Dr. Lysandro Tapnio understands that your smile is not an isolated facial feature. A beautiful smile depends on your lips, cheeks, and overall skin quality. Unfortunately, as you get older, your skin starts to loose elasticity and volume. As a result, you will develop fine lines and wrinkles, and you may lose volume in your mid-face. Dr. Tapnio offers several treatments to combat this process, boost your appearance, and improve your self-esteem. BOTOX® can reduce lines and wrinkles in your forehead by limiting muscle movement in this area. We also offer a variety of dermal fillers, including Juvederm®, Radiesse®, and Belotero Balance®. These products can target wrinkles and increase volume in your mid-face. Dr. Tapnio will help you choose the right product for your needs, and he will work carefully to ensure subtle, natural results. Contact our office to learn more about BOTOX® and dermal fillers.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Everyone develops wrinkles as they get older. These fine lines appear when your body’s production of collagen and hyaluronic acid slows down. Collagen is the most common protein in the body. It binds cells together, helps to replace dead skin cells, and makes skin suppler. Hyaluronic acid (HA) holds moisture in your skin, giving it volume and elasticity. Although collagen and HA production naturally slows around age 40, smoking and excess sun exposure can speed this process.

Continued muscle movement is another reason for the development of wrinkles. When you constantly move certain muscles, it will cause lines to appear in that area. This is why wrinkles are most common in the forehead, around the eyes, and near the mouth.

BOTOX® and Xeomin® for the Forehead Area

BOTOX® is one of the most common treatments for forehead wrinkles and frown lines. These injections contain very small amounts of botulinum toxin. When this neurotoxin comes in contact with your nerves, it will paralyze muscles in the treatment area. In turn, reduced muscle movement will lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Results typically last three to six months, and you can safely undergo repeat treatments.

In addition to BOTOX®, we also offer Xeomin®, a similar treatment for wrinkles in the upper face. Like BOTOX®, this FDA-approved injection uses botulinum toxin to block muscle movement. However, Xeomin® does not have any added proteins, so it can be a great option if you have developed a resistance to BOTOX®.

Are BOTOX® and Xeomin® Safe?

Like some patients, you may be worried about the effects of these injections on your overall health. Rest assured that both BOTOX® and Xeomin® are very low risk. Although botulinum toxin is dangerous in large amounts, these injections contain very small dosages. Additionally, Dr. Tapnio is quite precise when administering injections. He will target limited areas of muscle to yield subtle results and preserve most of your natural facial expressions.

Dermal Fillers for Wrinkles and Lost Volume

Dr. Tapnio also offers several dermal fillers to treat laugh lines, nasolabial folds, and lost volume in your midface. These products are smooth, hyaluronic acid-based gels. Dr. Tapnio will inject them just under the surface of your skin, where they will fill in depressions. Most fillers will also stimulate collagen production, increasing your skin’s natural healing process.

Each of our fillers can be highly effective. The right one for you will depend on the treatment area, your natural skin elasticity, and your desired results. After a consultation, Dr. Tapnio can help you select the most appropriate option. Choices include:

  • Juvederm®: Juvederm®, manufactured by the makers of BOTOX®, is a great option to treat nasolabial folds (between the nose and mouth). It can also add volume to your cheeks. Thanks to its patented HYLACROSSTM technology, it has a smooth and lifelike texture. Juvederm® offers instant results that can last up to a year after treatment.
  • Belotero Balance®: Belotero® can be another effective choice to reduce nasolabial folds. Because it is formulated specifically for this purpose, it is not a good option if you want to improve overall volume. Belotero® is made with the innovative Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM) process, so it will integrate with your skin, treating even very deep wrinkles.
  • Radiesse®: Radiesse® significantly boosts collagen production, meaning your results could last up to a year. It can treat both wrinkles and lost volume, and it usually achieves a greater lift than Juvederm®. However, it can have limited applications. Therefore, Dr. Tapnio will carefully consider your goals before recommending this option.

Boost Your Appearance and Self-Confidence Today

Thanks to Dr. Tapnio’s comprehensive approach, you could enjoy a beautiful smile and an overall more youthful appearance. Contact us to learn if BOTOX®, Xeomin®, or a dermal filler (Juvederm®, Belotero®, or Radiesse®) or is right for you.

For more information on BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers, read this article.

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