Bone Ridge Preservation at Time of Dental Extracti

Dr. Lysando Tapnio of Beacon Family Dentistry in Jacksonville, Florida recommends having a simple procedure called “alveolar ridge preservation” performed at the time of dental extraction. This will fill in the empty tooth socket with osseous material that maintains the shape of the jaw. By proactively filling in the tooth socket, you protect your alveolar bone ridge and gain these advantages:

  • You prevent the narrow, sunken, asymmetrical facial appearance that can result from alveolar bone loss.
  • You ensure that you remain or become eligible for a dental implant. After the bone ridge heals, Dr. Tapnio can replace your missing tooth by inserting a small titanium post. After this implant integrates with the surrounding jaw bone tissue (in 6 to 8 weeks), Dr. Tapnio will place a prosthetic tooth on the implant (a dental implant crown). The replacement tooth will be stable, facilitate normal strong chewing, and look like a natural tooth.
  • If you are going to have a dental implant or want to keep your options open, ridge preservation at the time of extraction eliminates later expense, hassle, and time for a ridge augmentation procedure. There is a cost savings if you have combined procedures now.
  • Post-extraction pain is reduced and healing made faster because a blood clot does not have the opportunity to form in the empty tooth socket.

Dr. Tapnio is an expert in surgical tooth removal and bone ridge preservation. He will use powerful local anesthetic, and this can be paired with oral sedation to keep you comfortable and relaxed. To learn more about surgical dental extraction combined with ridge preservation or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today!

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