BOTOX® treatment for TMD

TMJ Disorder can cause significant, widespread discomfort. BOTOX® treatment for jaw muscle tension may be the solution if other treatments have failed.

Dr. Lysandro Tapnio of Jacksonville has expertise in comprehensive diagnosis and the full range of evidence-based treatments. A treatment that helps patients who have tried other treatments and are still suffering significant pain is BOTOX® injection. BOTOX® injection prevents the temporomandibular muscles from engaging in powerful subconscious clenching and grinding. Muscle tenderness will start to disappear almost immediately. Within 48 hours of injection, most sufferers of severe TMD pain are relieved of headaches and jaw pain. For some patients, pain continues to subside over a period of a week.

Botox injection treatments should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation. Dr. Tapnio has successfully used this treatment in his practice with several TMD patients. He will be happy to discuss the minimal risks associated with BOTOX® treatment and ascertain if you will benefit from this treatment as an alternative to traditional therapies or in addition to traditional therapies for TMD.

Ask us about BOTOX® treatment for TMD related headaches, jaw muscle pain, and other severe symptoms of TMD.

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